Legend of Kevtar 2

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Legend of Kevtar 2 is a good 2020 game developed and published and written and directed by KevtarFan37 about Kevtar. It is the second entry in the mindbogglingly lengthy Bladehammer Legends franchise. It is canon despite being created by an anonymous fan, and also despite directly contradicting many of the established events from the first game.

"Think you're escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home."

-James Joyce

Accessing the Game[edit]

The game cannot currently be accessed by anyone who doesn't happen to have the .zip file on their computer. I have it, but I'm not gonna' upload it because that would be copyright infringement and piracy.


Legend of Kevtar 2 features more gameplay than I can even begin to write about. I mean, geeze. Anyway.


Kevtar was beckoned to return to the Abandoned Castle via a missive from Ghost From the Future. Kevtar agreed, and hurried to the castle. As soon as he entered, he was greeted by Ghost From the Future wearing sunglasses. Ghost From the Future then removed his sunglasses, revealing a shocking twist - this wasn't Ghost From the Future at all, but instead Goblin Lord. The entire setup turned out to be a trap. Holy shit.

Goblin Lord told Kevtar that he killed Ghost From the Future as a form of revenge against Kevtar for having killed Goblin King, thereby denying Goblin Lord the honor of slaying his own brother. Goblin Lord informed Kevtar that they too were brothers, though. I got really stressed out when this happened and didn't sleep well for weeks afterwards. Then they fought, and Kevtar killed Goblin Lord. The castle then began to crumble, forcing Kevtar to flee quickly.


Timeline of Events[edit]

This timeline of events is displayed following the credits sequence. Someone people may claim that there are contradictions when comparing this timeline to the one featured in The Adventures of Kevtar, but that just really goes to show how absolutely dumb those people are. I'm not gonna even try to explain it to you. If you have to ask, then you obviously don't know.

  • 1950 - Kevtar fights in the Korean War
  • 1975 - The Vietnam War ends
  • 1982 - La Kevtar Terribles Project starts
  • 1986 - Voyager II space probe encounters Uranus
  • 1999 - The events of Kevtar 1 take place in KevtarFan37's headcanon
  • 2004 - Gozilla Final Wars comes out
  • 2005 - The Shadow Kevtar event occurs in KevtarFan37's headcannon
  • 2015?? - Kevtar comes out
  • Later 2015 - People play Kevtar
  • Even later 2015 - People love Kevtar
  • 2020 - Production on Kevtar 2 comes out
  • Later 2020 - KevtarFan37 actually sees a livestream of Kevtar 1 and realizes it's been five years and has to rewrite a bunch of stuff.
  • Even later 2020 - KevtarFan37 definitely doesn't get sued for copyright infringement. Definitely.


I thought it was a flawless masterpiece.